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Garstang Enterprises, Inc. is a marketing and business consulting firm. We work with business owners and executives of companies under $50 million that are frustrated with a lack of growth, concerned with company profitability or worried about employee selection and retention.

Typically, these owners and executives do not have the marketing or planning resources on staff, can not afford the cost of a large national consulting firm and need an experienced resource to guide and assist with establishing a clear direction.

Garstang Enterprises builds proactive marketing and business solutions that:

  • Improve return on marketing investment.
  • Enhance the quality of leads.
  • Increase sales productivity.
  • Accelerate revenue growth.

We build sales teams through the use of predictive assessments and ongoing, reinforcement sales training.

We use a managed business and marketing planning process, incorporating visual logic tools, to define, build and manage focused strategic and tactical plans for your company.

Our process enables you to be proactive rather than reactive in your target markets, successfully executing specific marketing and business initiatives with defined, actionable and achievable objectives.


Collin Garstang
Collin Garstang

“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.”
- Demosthenes

Garstang Enterprises, Inc.
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Client Quotes

"Garstang Enterprises has served a pivotal role in focusing and implementing our corporate strategy. We have achieved far more than we would have without its guidance and experience."
- Alan Holsztynski
CEO, West Pole, Inc.


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