Sales: Sales Force Assessments and
Pre-Employment Screening

Did you know?

39% of a buyer’s decision to purchase from your company is directly related to the effectiveness of the salesperson?

Research shows traditional interviewing only having a 15-20% chance of predicting sales success.

Garstang Enterprises uses an assessment designed by the leader in benchmarking "World Class Sales" standards. We help businesses measurably improve sales force performance through the use of a superior assessment process. This process includes both career development and pre-employment assessments.

Assessment Advantage:

  • Results go beyond descriptive to Predictive
  • Scoring is based on extensive and ongoing research accuracy from a database containing assessments and performance results of over 300,000 people
  • Overall success probability is concrete and specific

Assessment Features:

  • Focused scales
  • Numerical-based recommendation
  • Coaching tips for weaker skills
  • Internet Testing

Garstang Enterprises can help you idesntify the traits that do predict success on the job! We can help you choose a winning team!

Let us show you how to improve your hiring success.


Collin Garstang

“No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking.”

Define & Build Plans:
Business Planning
Market Planning

Sales Planning

Execute & Manage Plans:
Proactive Marketing

Client Quotes

"I never thought I could be successful at sales, much less enjoy sales. Collin's coaching has been invaluable. My sales work has become the most rewarding part of my responsibilities"
- John Corey
Vice President, West Pole, Inc.


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