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All the business and market planning will be for nothing if you have a sales force that is frustrated with an inadequate or ineffective sales process. We assist companies with sales force development.

Business Owners: Are you facing any of these challenges?

  • We train sales people, then they leave and become competitors.
  • Our sales people are great technically, but have no “sales skills”.
  • We’re losing profit because our account managers don’t capitalize on opportunities to do more work for existing clients. Either they are overlooking the opportunities or they see them but don’t know what to do next.
  • We have to hire and fire a lot of people before we find the few that can make it in our business. We know how expensive this is, but haven’t found a better way to do it.

Are your Sales People facing any of these challenges?

  • No systematic way of selling that allows them to remain in control of a sales call and/or analyze the results.
  • Poor time management
  • Making proposals and bids and not getting the business.
  • Not knowing when or how to close.
  • Feeling rejection when prospect says “No”.

Through ongoing, systematic, reinforcement training, your sales force will build the attitudes, behaviors and techniques necessary for long-term growth. You'll get a sales solution tailored to your specific identified needs.

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Collin Garstang
Collin Garstang

“Success is a journey, not a destination.”
-Ben Sweetland

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Client Quotes

"I never thought I could be successful at sales, much less enjoy sales. Collin's coaching has been invaluable. My sales work has become the most rewarding part of my responsibilities"
- John Corey
Vice President, West Pole, Inc.

"I have felt at ease leaving our business plan in Collin's hands because I am confident he will communicate our needs and goals as if he worked within our company. Collin has gone beyond our business plan by continuing to be a sounding board and liaison for dealing with our customers and prospects."
- Becky Oliver
President, KOR Construction.


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